Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Things Students Say (Again)

The kids continue to be weird. Here's a recent list of things overheard, like today:
  1. Wizards are so overrated.
  2. There's jello in the hallway.
  3. It smells over here. Can I move?
  4. He licked my geometer.
  5. Student 1, thoughtfully drawing a picture of a character in a short story: She likes to steal old people's boogers. Student 2: DUDE STOP COPYING ME.
  6. It smells over here. Can I move?
  7. Don't worry Mrs. Saunders. If you have your baby in a car and I'm there I'll tie the umbilical cord with a string.
  8. It smells over here. Can I move?
  9. Student, reflecting over descriptive writing: You'd have to have really big lips for that. Teacher: No, no. Not a HICKEY tree, a HICKORY tree.
  10. Want to try on my retainer?
The end, till tomorrow.

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