Wednesday, August 7, 2013

birthday dogs


Our aunt got us this superKEWL cake WITH OUR NAMES ON IT that we gobbled up!! It was the BEST! 

Plus she gave us bowties for our birthday and we wore them and all the girls were like “bow wow you doods look goooood” and we were like “WE KNOW! CALL US!” But Mom won’t let us have a cell phone and we are SO MAD AT HER. When she is on her phone we love to bark our heads off so she can’t even hear. LOLZ, take that MOM. 

Here are some of our other hobbies now that we are practically grown up dogs:

Pushing furniture around using determination and our head (Ebenezer)

(HEEHAW the chair used to be where Ebenezer is sitting.)

Ignoring and sitting on top of couch-dwellers who yell “NO DOGS ON THE COUCH!!” (Uzi):

Wearing matching t-shirts:

Taking naps:


Showing our teef:

Being gross and licking feet:


  • Having a bone but only wanting the bone the other brother has (Uzi)
  • Burying our head in our paws when everyone annoys us (Ebenezer)
  • Barking inexplicably (Uzi)
  • DIGGING!!!!!!!!!!! (Heehaw Mom thought she taught us not to do that but we REMEMBERED HOW! LOLZ.)

THAT’S IT! Be our penpal and leave us a note because we like to talk to our friends and we don’t have an iPhone like everybody else because our mom is MEAN. K BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. We are not fluffy yet but WE'RE WORKING ON IT and taking our vitamins. KBYE!

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