Saturday, July 13, 2013

the paper is due friday

Even though Princess loves being a teacher and always feels giddy over the promise of new school supplies and future student brilliance, she feels tension as the end of summer approaches. Sometimes that involves anxiety dreams like this:

Teacher Princess: Alright, so you need to finish this outline today, and then the actual paper is due Friday. Remember that it needs to be typed in MLA format. So—when is your paper due?

Teacher’s Pet: Friday.

Teacher Princess: Hey kid in the back, when is this paper due?

Kid in the Back: Ummm… I forgot.

Teacher Princess: It’s due Friday. When you forget to listen, try to look on the board for clues. It says right here that the paper is due on Friday. So when is it due?

Kid in the Back: Friday!

Teacher Princess: Great! So everyone take out your agendas and write down that this paper is due Friday. I want to watch you write this down.

Kid by the Window: Wait… what are we doing?

Teacher’s Pet: UGH we’re writing down that the paper is due Friday.

Kid by the Window: WHAT PAPER??!?

Teacher Princess: The paper that we’ve been discussing the entire class period. The one we’re working on an outline for.

Kid by the Window: Haha. Oh yeah. When’s it due?

Teacher Princess: Friday. The due date is written on the board and on your handout. You need to pay closer attention.

Kid by the Window: Oops, sorry.

Teacher Princess: Okay, does everyone have the due date written in your planner?

Students: Yes!

Teacher Princess: So when is this paper due?

Students: FRIDAY!

Teacher Princess: Great! Okay, make sure I have it. If you are the type that tends to turn your papers in late, aim for Thursday. Any questions? Yes—Kid Sitting Next to Teacher’s Pet, what is your question?

Kid Sitting Next to Teacher’s Pet: When do we have to turn this paper in?

Teacher Princess: Flips her desk over and quits.

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