Wednesday, May 1, 2013

hello from dogs!!!!!!!


So Mom was like, “Doods, you have not written a blog post in a while” and we were like “WUT we totes forgot!” We have been so busy. Mom says she told you all about our mole, and we were like YES that mole was soooo kewl. Little mole kept trying to run away and we were like “naw girl come play with us” and scooped her up with our teeth and tossed her back and forth. She’d kick her little foot, and it was so funny. Later that day, Mom was like “Uzi you have mole hair in your teeth, and you need to floss” and Uzi was like “GAH MOM LEAVE ME ALONE.” Anywayz, we like that mole. We don’t know where she went though. Maybe she does not want to be our friend anymore? That makes us sad. But Mom says, that’s okay, you have lots of other friends. Like the other day we got a SQUIRREL, and it was KEWL!! Fuzzy tails we like. And also chewy! We love it when our friends are chewy. Want to know what else we did?? One of us (Uzi) jumped over our indoor gate and ate ½ of every pair of shoes in the world plus a roll of wrapping paper and some trash! KEWL! And delish. Also one of us (Uzi) ate a tube of toothpaste on Mom and Dad’s bed and it was sooooooo fun. Mom was like “how did you magic dogs get that toothpaste?” Then Dad was like “grrrr grrr why you do this?” and got mad at Uzi who was like “heehaw that was hilar” but Ebenezer was like “OMG WHY CAN’T WE ALL GET ALONG” and peed on the floor. Ebenezer is a stress pee-er and probs needs some meds. 

Also did you hear that the next day we figured out how to push open the gate in our backyard and we played in the front yard?!?! Mom was all GET ON BACK HERE YOU PUPS and we were all hahahahaaa LOLZ. And THEN that night we got out the gate again and saw our whole neighborhood! SCHWEET! We like it! And not to complain, but we are HOT because we are trapped in a permanent coat!!!! Like how do we take our coat off! We don't know!! We have been drinking sOoOoOoO much water. I mean it’s like kinda annoying but beauty is pain so, you know.

Mmmmk bye!

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