Tuesday, February 12, 2013

tuesday is fat

Before Princess eats Chickfila: "I am sad because I'm not currently eating Chickfila."

While Princess eats Chickfila: "I am sad because this is almost over."

After Princess eats Chickfila: "I am sad that it is unacceptable for me to repeat everything I just did."

What a tragic way to live. Why can't Princess be more like Amy in Little Women? The orange Amy gets for Christmas makes her over-the-moon joyful. An ORANGE. The only orange that ever excited Princess was the one on the old Tropicana commercials where the guy sticks the red striped straw right into the orange, like "THAT'S HOW FRESH THIS STUFF IS." Swag. (Side note: You cannot drink orange juice like that, Princess has tried, and the straws with the swirly, red stripe are annoyingly difficult to find. ORANGE RAGE!!!)

Anyway Amy LURVES this orange, obsesses over it, and then, in a shocking turn of events, she has to give it to that family with the scarlet fever baby that kills Beth (ew, Beth). Though Amy parts with the dear orange begrudgingly at first, she eventually makes peace with sacrificing it for the greater good of the sad, ill neighbors/Beth-killers.

Amy is the bratty sister and STILL she handles her orange with more emotional maturity than Princess just handled her Fat Tuesday dinner. Get it together, Fat Tuesday Princess! Get it together.

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  1. Just remember...everytime you think, "Ew, Beth," you think, "Ew, Emily."

    And I have often thought about people getting oranges and being content on Christmas. How ironic.