Thursday, November 15, 2012

self awareness

Do you ever have those days when you feel like you are suuuuper pretty and your outfit is sizzle sizzle, and then you walk by a mirror and you’re like, “It seems I was mistaken”? Princess has had a week of those days, but it’s not so much about her exterior as her interior. (Just so you know, this is not going to be about “inner beauty” because Princess finds those talks boooooooring.)

Princess is having a personality crisis. It began when she wrote her blog post about recent embarrassing moments. This was a startling one for Princess because the post officially contains no exaggeration. When she started writing this idiot blog, she intended for it to be an outlet/exaggeration of her life because being over-the-top makes Princess heehaw. But THEN it’s like Princess BECAME the exaggeration, and now she’s like “WHAAAT IS HAPPENINGGGG (in Kristen Wiig voice)!?!?”

She was talking to her notoriously ridiculous siblings—Wittiest, Class of 09 (a.k.a. weird) and Most Likely to be Remembered, Class of 07 (a.k.a. weirder)—and they were like “Now you’re the weirdest.” And Princess (also known as Classiest, Class of 04) was like “WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN I’M SUPPOSED TO BE CLASSY,” and they said, “No.”

So Princess took a long, hard look in the mirror.

Then she went to the Justin Bieber concert. (Noooo that IS NOT a homemade Biebs t-shirt with glitter and puff paint and a purple fabric heart. You must be confused.)
And became besties with twin Franks.

And bought a ceramic hand.

And realized she puts paper clips in her hair in the middle of tough grading days AND that she can hardly ever get them out.

And now she keeps hearing from people that reminds them of this girl:

Princess tried to deny it, but in truth this ridiculousness is remniscent of several videos that Princess' evil sister is currently holding hostage and plotting to release when Princess' embarrassment will be at its peak.

RIP, Classy Caroline. RIP.


  1. I have used paper clips many many times as hair clips. They work and are everywhere if you are a teacher!

    1. HALLELUJAH! People have been making Princess think that was a strange thing to do... but it's clearly just a teacher thing! She does, however, need to know your insights on how to get them out...

    2. Carefully :) And always before you go get your hair cut. They don't always seem to see how practical it is and will shake their heads and sell you cute hair clips.

  2. Girl - your'e an adpi - stay classy.