Tuesday, August 14, 2012

happy birthday, sister!

Mood: Nostalgic
Nail Color: Imporess French Manicure
Day’s Inspiration: 1 Sam. 18:3 "Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul."
Princess has this sister. Except for when they are brothers. Which will make sense if you scroll down. Anyway, she has this sister and they are besties. Princess hangs out with Sister constantly when location allows, and she has seen a particular brand of crazy that many have not had the pleasure of experiencing. The world will be deprived no longer! Here 21 reasons Princess loves Sister in honor of her 21st birthday yesterday:

1.       She sleeps weird.

2.       Upon seeing a pack of silica gel (that weird stuff that comes in new purses) on the ground:
S: "Oh no... That's my number 7 fear."
P: "Come again?"
S: "I really hope a dog doesn't eat that."
Five minutes later:
"I'm worried about the dogs."

3.       Sometimes she gives you this look like she’s about to slice off all your toes one by one but she doesn’t mean it.

4.       She was a cute baby with fat cheeks.

5.       Attention, everyone: She’s using you to get to your dog.

6.      She is hopelessly awkward, particularly to every waiter/waitress/drive thru ever: "Oh hi! Um, hah, I, uh, can I have the burger? Haha okay, um sorry. Thank you! Sorry. Haha."

7.      She has cool hair.
8.       She’s one-third of the soon-to-be-famous sibling band The Magical Powers.
9.       Her bliss is doing puzzles and eating cheese puffs, and she dreams of one day working in a cubicle.

10.   She speaks fluent Frenglish.
11.   If you look closely in this picture, she has a gnomish beard.
12.   She’s very helpful, particularly with Princess’ new house.

13.   SHE LOVES DOGS. Has Princess mentioned that yet?
14.   She knows how to rock bangs. And glasses.
15.   She can’t resist sampling the makeup in Sephora either.
16.   Once sister laughed all by herself randomly. Everyone stares. She says, "Oh sorry. I was just thinking about the funny thing Fritzi did today." Fritzi is a dog.
17.   S: "PULL OVERRR!!!!!!"
P: Screeeeech. "OH MY GOSH, WHAT'S WRONG??"
           S: Gets out of car. "IT'S A BULLDOG!!!!"
           P: Sigh.
18.   She looks like a pedophile when dressed as a boy. (Princess does too.)
19.   Once she painted her legs purple. Inexplicably.
20.   This picture will make her freak out:
21.   This picture will make her freak out in a different way:
Happy Birthday, Sister! Love you forever and everskies!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OHHHH MYYYY GOOOSSSSHHHHHHHHH. This is the BEST thing I've ever seen. Sister sure does love you!!!!!!!!! You are the greatest. Thank you for loving me in spite of my flaws.