Friday, August 31, 2012

commercial break

"What? Two posts in two days? That Princess is on the ball."

"Totes, girl. She is soooo on the ball, and not to mention FUNNY."

"Agreed. And pretty."

"Who could forget how pretty she is?"

"I mean... no one. What a ravenous beauty."

"You said ravenous, but I think you mean ravishing."


"Yikes. Did you hear that she wrote an article on that blog Grace Covers Me?"

"Like, no way, I did not hear that! I totes need to check it out. What's the URL?"

"Girl, it's I memorized it even though it's really long."

"Oh yeah! Princess is obsessed with that blog, and doodles stuff from it all the time! Look at these photos I saw on her Instagram..."

"Oh, golly gee, Princess does love to doodle. She probs needs to develop more significant hobbies."

"Do NOT speak ill of the Princess."

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