Sunday, June 24, 2012

things princess likes but also doesn't like

Mood: Fizzy
Nail Color: Sinful Colors 24/7 layered over OPI Mod About You
Day’s Inspiration: “For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace.” 1 Corin. 14:33

  1. Choosing a nail polish color: Princess LOVES nail polish probably more than she can say, and her collection is getting excessive. But choosing her color is a painful process. Every time she feels like the decision could be life altering. It’s probably because she is superstitious of the polish names—she feels guilty every time she wears Essie Looking for Love, because, well, that’s like husband cheating’s third cousin twice removed, and Princess is not comfortable with this.
  2. Rambling: Princess is a writing teacher, and run-on sentences give her the hives. Yet her brain runs off of Diet Coke and anxiety, so she regularly thinks in run-on sentences and invents words. Hypocritically, she practically vomits run-on sentences all over this blog (sorry for the visual), yet despises this in the papers her students turn in. Oh well. She edits the crap out of other stuff she writes, but since this blog was born out of a desire for ridiculousness, she gives herself a free pass here. Then she pats herself on the back and says, “I know the rules, so I can break them.” (Thank goodness, because she just used the phrase “edit the crap out of stuff.”)
  3. Slap bracelets: Has a more distracting item ever been created? Princess had one last week and fiddled with it so much she went near insane, yet she’s drawn to them like a moth to the flame (internal rhyme and simile in one sentence, wazzzzaaaap).
  4. Pink: Princess didn’t want to be the girl that likes pink in excess, but oops, she is. She already wrote about it. Ugh. Since that time she has purchased these amazing shoes, which are so tall she almost died seven different times this morning, a pair of neon pink shorts, and a few friendship bracelets. (Don’t judge. #90sgirlprobs)
  5. Redundancy: Read #4.
  6. Really talented people: Have you heard of Lennon and Maisy? Omg. It’s like, be mediocre like everyone else, okay, because we can’t handle our jealousy! But also, don’t, because Princess needs fascinating things on youtube, and you sound like angels. And did you know they spent two hours tonight calling their fans? Ugh, they are NICE, too! Let's not even talk about how pretty they are. Princess loves them.
  7. Hashtags when they’re not on Twitter: It’s funny if you have low standards for your humor (see #4, then see #5—if you’re follow directions this could take a while), but borders on annoying or stupid if you don’t know what you’re doing. Woof.
  8. Lists. And redundancy. See #4.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Smokin' hot, yet all alone. Poor fella.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Mood: Crazed
Nail Color: Sinful Colors 24/7
Day’s Inspiration: “I will celebrate before the Lord. I will become even more undignified than this." 2 Sam. 6:21-22

Princess has bought a house. Rather, Princess’ true-life counterpart has bought a house, and since it will be difficult to discuss the houseness in third person, Princess has decided to bail on this post and awkwardly bring in the less ridiculous Caroline. Here she is:

Hi, I’m Caroline. I write this blog, and I probably need to go ahead and just apologize for that. But at least one person has pretended to be interested in our housing escapades, so here goes nothing. [Also, you might as well know that I saw the preview for Brave ten minutes ago, so every word I type is being said in an Irish accent. It’s probably best that you read with an accent so that nothing gets lost in translation.]

A Timeline:
  • June 2007- We got married.
  • July 2007- We move into a mansion. A MAN-SHUN. And we live there (house-sitting for a family that was abroad), and it’s free. FREE. I know, I can’t believe it either. We thought we’d be there for a year, but that turned into four. FOUR. I know.
  • September 2011- We are told it’s time to move out—in three weeks. AH! Hellooooo, parents, we need to live with you till we find a place.
  • October 2011- Parents welcome us with open arms, and we promise to be out soon.
  • November 2011- We find a house! YAY! It's a short sale—that means short, right? (Wrong.)
  • December 2011- House people: “Nevermind you can’t have it.”
  • January 2012- House people: “Wait, yes you can. Give us your social security numbers.”
  • February 2011- House people: “JK you can’t.”
  • March 2012- House people: “Wait, maybe.”
  • April 2012- House people: “YES you can have the house, for realz this time. Now sign ten billion papers.” Us: “The house is ugly now, but the people will fix it! We rejoice! We use many exclamation points!” Parents: “HALLELUJAH!”
  • May 2012- House people: “We are fixing it! We will be done soon!”
  • Present: The waiting continues…
There has been much waiting. FIVE YEARS of waiting to take those beautiful wedding gifts out of their now dusty boxes. The waiting, the fact that I am out of school for the summer, the fact that I am incapable of sitting and doing nothing, and the fact that I have been living in other peoples’ houses for five years fighting off a desperate urge to nest—all these FACTS have fused together to create an insane person.

Have you ever reached that point of desperation when you realize you’re completely scaring everyone and yet there’s no turning back now? Like you’ve already called your boyfriend fifteen times in a row, but what difference is it going to make to call him a sixteenth time? (For the record, I did not do this until I was married, and let’s just say I don’t recommend it.)

Last weekend, my friends Melissa and Erica eyed my purse and said, “Are you carrying around colored pencils?” and I had to admit that YES, I was carrying around colored pencils and maybe also polka dotted tape. Obviously, it was for my house inspiration journal/awkward sketch book because Pinterest wasn’t cutting it.

Yep, there she is in all her glory. And once they saw the journal, I felt like I needed to come clean about the PowerPoint presentation. Where does a teacher on summer break turn when she is desperate to decorate her house and cannot because she does not live there? To PowerPoint. Is this embarrassing or efficient? The jury's out, but my PhotoShop savvy husband and brother are rolling their eyes. To make matters worse, I've typed out the obligatory PowerPoint commentary that I would give if I were presenting this to you in person. The good news is that if you ever take my class, you can expect me to be thorough, prepared, and mildly obsessive.

Master Bedroom Obligatory PowerPoint Commentary: The master bedroom is a challenge because it's a long, skinny room with wood paneling. We could paint it, but it hurts our hearts because it is real wood, beautiful, rich, and dark. (Like me. Just kidding.) Because there's no turning back once it's painted, we agreed to try to make it work, in hopes with the right styling it won't look dated. It gives the room a country look, and we have hotel style bedding, so I tried my best to marry the two concepts in a budget-conscious way that wasn't too girly so that boy I live with will like it. (He does! Scroll to the bottom of the blog post to see the pillows I made!)
Fabrics from Premier Fabrics and Hobby Lobby
Inspiration picture from

Den Obligatory PowerPoint Commentary: I chose Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee (white) for the majority of the house, and I received a lot of flack for it. (Is white really so outside of the box?!) But, I stood firm, and I have to admit, it looks open, clean, and exactly as I wanted. (The doubters have since changed their minds. The satisfaction is sweet.) I bought this couch and chair from Stash with the help of an awesome giftcard from Mom and Dad. I'm hoping the dog is the next purchase... because I am not paying $200-something for these curtains. A smaller version of the print is available inexpensively at Hobby Lobby, but the size of the print is really what I like, so I'm not sure what to do. I should probably just get the dog and forget the curtains.
Dog photo from here 
Jute rug photo from here (We will buy MUCH cheaper!)
Lattice curtains from 

Dining Room Obligatory PowerPoint Commentary: BIG plans to make the farmhouse table (I've been doing a little woodworking to practice... Don't judge.) I wish we could get started, but we need to get in the house first. (The parents' garage can only handle so much crafting...) I bought those chairs at TJ Maxx a few days ago, and I am so in LOVE LUV LOVE with them. Can't wait to put them on either end of our awesome chunky table! (Positive thinking! Yay!)
Farmhouse table image from here (We plan to make ours based on one of the plans on my Pinterest board.)
Royal Blue panels image from here (I plan to sew these.)

So that's the dream for a few of the rooms, in all it's PowerPointing glory. Here's what I've done so far to make the dream a reality:

Wish me luck on the rest! And then watch this video to enjoy good harmony and bad theology.

P.S. High five to that boy I live with for five years of awesomeness! WOOHOO!
Photo by Jerry Borwick