Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Mood: Unruffled
Nail Color: Revlon Electric Pink
Day’s Inspiration: “From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Matt. 12:34

So, good news, friends. Princess DID in fact make a skirt for Easter although admittedly, it was not at all the skirt she originally envisioned. It began when she spotted some bright pink fabric on sale and everyone's wonderful opinions flew out of her brain like a...bird. (Meh, Princess is not on her simile game today.) She bought the fabric on a whim and unwittingly became obsessed with it.

Unfortunately for the past few weeks she has been battling an addiction to this particular shade of pink, as is evidenced by the collage below.

Upon further investigation of Princess’ purse and recent Facebook activity, it appears that she’s had a fixation on pink in general. As a person who has always tried to NOT be the “girl that likes pink” (you know that girl), she most assuredly is in fact, the girl that likes pink, as evidenced by the collage below. Perhaps her blog persona is spilling out into her normal life? This is a dark day.

For whatever reason, Princess fixates on a color so much that it seems to take over her life for a bit of time. There was the yellow infestation of 2007 and 2010 (it came back), and the navy infestation of 2008 and 2011 (it came back, too). Stripes has proven to be a permanent stumbling block, and apparently 2012 is the year of pink.
Anyway, Princess was admiring the pink fabric when a haughty voice in her head cackled, “Pencil skirt? Ew, how average.” The voice sounded just like Regina George voice and freaked her out, so Princess sheepishly decided on another route. She was inspired by DIY maxi skirt tutorials she’d seen on Pinterest, particularly this one. Because she wanted more structure, she still used the pattern she had bought (NewLook 6103), but added about 14 inches of fabric at the bottom.
The process was surprisingly painless, and the result was a happy Princess. She’s worn the skirt twice so far, once with a white tee and once with a lace tank.
Princess has no basic knowledge about how to pose in a picture, so she always look dumb.
She's working on it. Don't judge her.
Not too inspired, she knows, but Princess is not naturally bold and has to ease into outfits like cold pool. She is happy about necklace she wore with it, though, which was the resulting project when a fruitless shopping trip gave Princess violent thoughts of “GRRRR I’ll just make it then! EVERYONE IS STUPID!” Hobby Lobby saves the day again. Here’s what she used:

The necklace is just 10 topaz crystals with 10 rose crystals on each side, with a gold crimper thing between each color to make them stay. The whole thing took about ten minutes, and since everything was half price at Hobby Lobby, it only cost about $8, and there are plenty of supplies left over. The plan is to make a few more and layer them.
In other news, Princess won the family annual after-dark Easter Egg Hunt and she was EXCITED!!!! Meanwhile everyone else was JEALOUS!!!! So Princess became more EXCITED!!!! Best day ever.

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  1. So inspired by your clothes-making skills. Maybe someday....