Monday, March 19, 2012

the weight of worry

Princess worries. No, really, she WORRIES like whoa. She frequently tells herself to relax and take a chill pill, but then wonders, where are these illusive chill pills? Princess added these to her shopping list years ago, and frankly, it stresses her out that she cannot find them, and she usually resorts to drowning her feelings in her mom's newest dessert creation. (The current creation: salted caramel ice cream with crunched up pretzels. Seriously, don't ever try it because its deliciousness will ruin your life.) It's problematic to say the least.

Princess' father is quite wise, so for the sake of fun blogging identities, Priness will call him The Sage. The Sage has said to Princess many times that worry is simply a lack of faith that God will handle her issues. And while this makes perfect sense to her brain, her hyperactive nervous system often does not get the memo. (Please, no comments about the true role of the nervous system. Princess made a "B" in Biology, and frankly, that was lucky.)

Recently Princess discovered this verse and doodled it three times in hopes that it would sink in. (She may need to doodle it again.) In truth, the word "fret" in this context means the anxiousness that stems from anger, but Princess feels confident that the concept is true whether one is feeling frantic from anger or frantic because of other reasons.

As the author of life, God knows how to handle its intricacies much better than we do. The challenge is to stand confident in this knowledge rather than be crushed by waves of worry. When we refuse to acknowledge that God is in control and instead place ourselves in the driver's seat, we're not only burdened, but living in a dangerous place, positioned for the evil that inevitably accompanies idolatry. Yet when we acknowledge that God is our shield and hiding place from the never-ending stresses, we can finally rest.

Princess feels like she just lost 20 pounds. (Best diet ever.)

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