Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Princess'  beautiful planner, which she loves with a dangerous kind of love.
Princess only has like, three major concerns in life and they are:
  1. Finding scriptural evidence that supports the idea that working out is a waste of time. (1 Timothy 4:8—you’re welcome.)
  2. Avoiding the Nazis.
Sister disregards #3 every chance she gets. She likes to leave Princess little weird notes that say things like, “June 3: Adeline is pretty.” (Yes, her name is Adeline, and no, she is not pretty. Okay, just kidding, she is, but DO NOT ENCOURAGE THIS.) Magically, last Friday night, Princess’ was scheduled to “Tell sister that you love her and want to be her.” Obviously, Princess was not pleased, as a planner intrusion always leaves her feeling vulnerable and messy.
Sister invades Princess' planner in cold blood.
Nevertheless, Princess was a good sister and checked the box. According to Franklin Covey, checking boxes = endorphins, and thanks to 1 Timothy 4:8, Princess must get endorphins using alternative methods.

But Princess’ concern has been heightened since that Friday box-checking, because it seems Sister has now moved past the planner and has begun blaspheming using Princess’ new typewriter. (Yes, isn’t Princess quite the hipster? According to this awesome article, she sooooo is. Her awesome Granddaddy gave her the typewriter on Sunday, and she is currently brainstorming how in the world she is going to lift it from the kitchen table, because obviously she does not have arm muscles due to the scriptural truths in 1 Timothy 4:8.)

Here is the evidence:
Sister ruthlessly compromises Princess' hipster typewriter.
Whatever. Princess doesn’t know what to do about it. And when she doesn’t know what to do, she googles really modest clothing so she can giggle at words like "culotte." Modest is hottest ladies, except for when it’s not.



  1. Oh my word. Those websites made my day!!!!!! I think I just found a new swimsuit :)

  2. LOL at those websites! I thought I needed the "slimming swimmer" until I realized how much those things cost! I guess I'll have to find something with less material, so it will be less $$$ ;o)