Monday, October 4, 2010

drama llama

Princess, the queen of NO drama, has recently encountered the Drama Llama. If you did not know, the Drama Llama, though he sounds cute, is not cute. He has a big ugly nose and a bad attitude. And frizzy hair.

Anyway, the Drama Llama metaphorically came over to Princess’ house and her brain exploded from the anxiety. Much like when she leaves a Diet Dr. Pepper in the fridge (obviously, room temperature cokes are unacceptable).

You’ll have to excuse her while she elaborates. [As a disclaimer, Princess does not like it when people get suddenly serious because it makes the hairs on her arm stand up. (The hairs are very good at warning Princess about awkward moments.) Also it is hard for Princess to switch gears from Funny Conversation Mode to Serious Conversation Mode, so she has to stand very still until her brain adjusts. This is uncomfortable for everyone, so Princess is trying to help you out by warning you that the serious is coming.] Princess has the greatest sister in the world. Sister is like, the most fun person ever, and Princess would have no problem spending every waking moment with Sister. But then Sister and Princess got into a fight. That’s when Princess knew the Drama Llama had stopped by for an ugly, frizzy-haired, big-nosed visit, because Princess and Sister have had a total of zero fights with each other their entire lives. There was yelling from Princess and other out-of-character events, and before Sister and Princess knew it, they had avoided contact for two weeks.

If you have a sister, you know the deep sadness Princess felt. Not talking to Sister felt bizarre, and Princess somehow felt less like herself. Princess wanted to hide in the closet like you have to do in a tornado warning and wait for everything to return to normal.

But things didn’t return to normal. Princess had no idea how to handle the situation and was terrified that a phone call to Sister would start the whole thing over again. She wasn’t sure she could handle that. (You never know when the Drama Llama is listening on the other end of the line.) A million things happened that Princess was dying to share with Sister, but The Fight was there looming over Princess like a… loom. (Looms don’t loom. Does this bother anyone else?)

Yesterday, Princess and Sister finally saw each other and they hugged and cried. Not much needed to be said. Perhaps it’s because they both treasure the relationship more than they can say. The forgiveness came so naturally that Princess cried more, wholeheartedly grateful that the God who created the universe cared enough to give her a sister, and then cared enough to reconcile them in the way only He could.

The only reason it all needed to be said here is because, well, we all need to be encouraged to do what we can to resolve the conflicts in our lives. Most of the time they result from a mish-mash of misunderstandings, and if we refuse to work through the craziness, we may be missing out on some of the best relationships of our lives.

I love you, Sister!

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