Monday, September 13, 2010

ugly is the new trendy

Alert: The Princess is a wuss. (Spell check wants Princess to say “woos.” What is a woos? Princess finds herself distracted by the silliness of this word. Later she feels dumb because a woos is not a thing—though perhaps it should be, but that is another post—but rather a form of the verb “to woo.”) Really, truly, she is terrified of most everything. Her students learned this over a recent retreat when the Princess screamed like a little girl when one sneaky student surprised her with a lizard and other students witnessed her hyperventilate at the top of a zipline. You see, the Princess does not like heights. They make her feet tingle. Thus, she never walks over the grates on the sidewalk and is forever embittered at Mum, who once made her walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and back again. (Apparently there is NO SHUTTLE nor a COKE MACHINE across the Golden Gate Bridge. This is the perfect opportunity to sell overpriced snacks to hungry, tired people. Why does our sick world not recognize this?)

So Princess is a wuss. She has embraced it! She is proud! She is convinced it will become trendy eventually. After all, nerds are cool. As are schoolmarm boots. In fact, the Princess feels she can make a case that all ugly things are eventually considered cool. Princess first learned this whilst moccasin-shopping with a friend a few years ago. “Are these cute or granny?” Princess’ friend asked. Princess did not know. Irritated, the pair realized that the line between ugly and fashionable was a very, very fine line. Does Anna Wintour think this is funny? To convince us that ugly things are fashionable and then watch as everyone flocks to Forever 21 to buy the cheap version of the trendy-ugly runway versions? Did Princess really read that blue velvet is so in right now?

The Princess will attempt to make her trendy-ugly case with the following examples:

Socks and Sandals:

Cat in the Hat, yes. Cat Hat, please no:

Crochet (also legwarmers?):

Asthma-inducing sweater:

The End.

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