Thursday, May 6, 2010

master of the UNIVERSE!

Somehow Princess Truffle Fluff's confidence is through the roof. Whether it was all those kitten posters telling her to "Reach for the Stars" in her elementary school classrooms or the fab parenting by Mum and Pop, she knows not, but either way, Princess believes she can do ANYTHING. ANY. THING. Now of course, the last thing the world needs is one more insecure female, but this is a problem for Princess, because she is also a hopeless creative, and the combination means she constantly has irrepressible feelings that she can successfully make anything. ANYTHING. Dresses, ornaments, paintings, dinner, you name it.

So when Captain Cuddlecups comes home and asks, "What's for dinner?" he understandably cringes when Princess hesitates to answer. The hesitation means, "I invented this because I believe I can make anything and succeed. ANYTHING!" The last time this happened Captain had to eat a bizarre casserole-like concoction of biscuits, cheese, and chicken. He was not pleased, and Princess was shocked, because, hello? Does Captain not know that his taste buds must be mistaken? The dish was obviously delish, because Princess can do anything. ANYTHING!

All this to say, Princess is currently dashing back and forth between the bird canvas she is painting for Grandmother (yes, we call her Grandmother because we are proper and you and your granny or Nene or whatever-her-name-is are jealous) and sewing her fab graduation dress. (Princess is officially a Master of the Universe! Is that not what a master’s degree means?)

Happily, Princess ignores all failure (Picasso was not appreciated while he was alive and neither is biscuit-chicken-cheese casserole) and promotes all successes. Behold, some of the projects that have made Princess believe she is a Master of the Universe!

Princess chooses to believe that the grad dress will not have the same fate as the casserole. Here's the idea:

The delusion of success is invigorating! Hoorah!

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