Saturday, February 6, 2010

giving in

Princess TF is tres ashamed to admit that she has abandoned this blogging endeavor for the past few months because regular waves of insecurity hit her and make her feel like that girl that updates her Facebook status every 3.5 minutes. So she gave the blog the silent treatment, which was her passive-aggressive way of saying, "I have a life! I do!" And then she accidentally watched three episodes of Jersey Shore in a row.

However, last night, Princess ate dinner (approximately 4 loaves of bread, one spinach and goat cheese pizza, a smore sundae, and half of the waiter's finger after he tried to clear the sundae from the table before Princess was done licking it clean) with some friends who openly discussed their blogs, and she realized that yes, blogging is normal. So she decided to rekindle her relationship with the scorned blog, and happily, it welcomed her with open arms.

Now the waves of insecurity are telling Princess that she is not an individual and does not even have the gusto to create an original blog without her friends doing it, too. Princess does NOT like to do things just because her friends do them ever since she gave in that one time and got a mystic tan and a hair appointment before the Baptist version of the prom that she attended senior year. The end result was the ugliest version of Princess seen to date. And that includes the time when she discovered she was allergic to sulfur drugs after waking up to a gigantic puffy polka-dotted face. Okay, no, it wasn't really worse than that.

But the Princess will persevere! Mainly because she has had several revelations recently that will probably make the world a better place:
1. Stuffed animals are the only things that become cuter the larger they get. Everything else is much cuter in miniature.
2. People love food disguised as other food. Cakes shaped as hamburgers. Swedish fish. Goldfish. Today Princess saw a marshmallow disguised as a cupcake on a stick. A marshmallow posing as a cupcake posing as a lollipop. That seemed excessive.
3. Princess is a teacher. Her school is encouraging an ACT-prep website, Her school posted the website's name all over the school, most interestingly on the bathroom door. No one else has been concerned about this.

That is all.

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