Tuesday, April 14, 2009

finger-lickin' not-so-good

Princess TF has been thinking a lot about pet peeves, mainly because she's witnessed an excessive amount of paper-licking lately. You know--licking fingers to help flip through papers. Lick fingers, touch paper, lick fingers, touch paper. Is this even helpful? The Princess can honestly say that her spit has never helped her grip anything in her life (she is proud to have successfully avoided the temptation to stick her tongue to a frozen flagpole for 22 winters). It's unnecessary, borderline offensive (a wet willy on paper), and it's got to be a sanitation issue.

In high school, the Princess had to put a lot of effort into controlling her gag reflex when she spotted a smudge of teacher spit at the top of her test paper. Really, Mrs. Krebs? Was it necessary to put her through that?

But it's not Mrs. Krebs' fault. That's the reality of pet peeves--they're just meaningless actions that can unintentionally land you on someone's hit list. The Princess is aware that every time she pops her elbows in a public place (it happens more than you think), someone standing nearby is out for her blood, and not in an attractive Edward Cullen way.

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